Our online sign language classes are designed to effectively teach American Sign Language from anywhere.


Course LEVEL



Beginning ASL 101$75.00$95.00
Basic ASL 102$75.00$95.00
Intermediate ASL 103
$75.00 $95.00
Advanced ASL 104
$75.00 $95.00

Lesson plans for Signing Online courses:

  • Beginning ASL (ASL 101) – learn the basics of the language and simple conversations.
  • Basic ASL (ASL 102) – based on what you learned in Beginning ASL, you will learn additional vocabulary, more and more advanced conversation.
  • Intermediate ASL (ASL 103) – expanded learning enables you to express and comprehend more advanced signs and finger spelling
  • Advanced ASL (ASL 104) – this course ties together all that you have learned and you will now have the knowledge to enhance your fluency and continue your learning in ASL.

Signing Online has been offering web-based courses, designed with nationally and internationally recognized curriculum developed by Dr. David Stewart. You will learn American Sign Language (ASL) at your own pace from anywhere using your computer, tablet or smartphone. These online ASL courses focus on conversational ASL and use videos to demonstrate the visual nature of signing designed to help you learn sign language. The courses are perfect for anyone wanting to learn ASL online, whether you are just starting out or if you are at a more advanced level.

Signing Online is a Candidate for Accreditation with the Middle States Association

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Our curriculum is recognized by national and international schools, organizations and teachers at every level. If you are given permission from your school, the online curriculum may be used for graduation credit. For more information click here: High School 

INSTRUCTOR FRIENDLY! See our many additional curriculum materials available in the "Instructor Support" tab.  

Continuing Education Credit

SCECH's for Educators professional continuing education: add $20.00 ($95.00/ course level) Earn Continuing Education credit hours for Educators (SCECH's). Please read all information concerning submission of applications and include your PIC number if you have one. Applications will be delayed or rejected if filled out incorrectly.

ASHA members: These courses may be used for your Certification Maintenance Hours (CMA). Please check with your association.

Learn Sign Language Online

SigningOnline curriculum is taught and tested online. We offer ASL classes from Beginner all the way to Advanced ASL classes depending on your requirements. You can expand your ASL vocabulary with our sign language dictionaries. Just click on the course name or number for details included in each level. With no additional supplementation, each course level should fill 15 hours of online study. However, if you require supplementation to the online lessons, we provide two options. 1.The Guided Reading Manual for groups of students in a classroom setting; and 2. the Suggested Supplementary Curriculum Guide for individuals.

Classrooms usually use a Hybrid or Blended learning model with the Guided Reading supplementation. The classroom teacher/administrator will have access from their own program to their organization listing the school’s students showing quiz grades, time-on-line, and final exam grade. The “Guided Reading Manual” and key can only be downloaded from the designated administrators’ program for use in the classroom.

All students may download and use the “Suggested Supplementary Curriculum Guide” from the site to supplement the online lessons and is used with Barron’s E-Z American Sign Language book (Amazon). This extra curriculum supplements the online curriculum and may be downloaded from our site for free.

It is up to you and your school to decide the expectations for credit.

The most basic requirements often include fulfilling a certain number of online hours; to complete the online lessons; and to pass the final exam. Grading and discussion of all supplemental work is the administer/instructor's responsibility and is strongly recommended yet completly optional.

For each student- one course in the series is $75.00 for 6 months of access. There is a total of four courses ($300.00 for 24 months access) in the series.

For additional video support go to the Instructor Support tab to add 'SigningOnline Single Video Evaluation Service' to your cart.

Try a lesson by clicking on "View Example Lesson" (Found on the High School page) before you enroll in the class to check that the videos are working properly for your computer system.

To register and enroll for your individual online sign language classes click the green bar (above) that says "Enroll here" and follow the cart method of shopping…”add to cart” then click on ”your cart”. At checkout you will be asked for your credit card information, and once the payment is complete you will be sent an email to the address you gave in the registration that will give instructions for your password.

e-mail us and Include "Signing Online " in the subject line with the user name for current students. All emails will be answered as promptly as possible and is the prefered method for communication.  Please check your junk or spam folder if you have not heard from us.

If you would like to speak to someone, please email us with your phone number and a convenient time so that we can get our hearing staff member to call you back. 

Who takes Signing Online?

Signing Online was created for people who wish to learn ASL but have little or no access to instructors or for those students who require curriculum for ASL classes. Learning ASL can be especially beneficial to those who regularly interact with the deaf community or the hard of hearing as sign language can bridge the gap of communication for them. Also, many parents choose to take signing online classes to teach their baby sign language to communicate with them during preverbal and toddler stages.


Contact: info@signingonline.com