Sign Language Classes & Online ASL Courses

Whether you are just beginning to take sign language courses and lessons, or you have previously taken courses to be at an advanced level, Signing Online has an online ASL class for you. Below you can learn more about our sign language courses offered along with a complete list of lessons for each one of the sign language courses.

Beginning ASL

Our first ASL online course is for beginners who are just starting out in American sign language. Learn the importance of ASL in deaf culture and how to start and end a conversation during our beginning ASL course. The 10-lesson course is step by step and goes over meeting someone along with common phrases that are associated with this.

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1. Here We GoNot Enrolled-- Hours
2. A Word About Learning ASLNot Enrolled-- Hours
3. First Step in Learning ASL: PracticeNot Enrolled-- Hours
4. Making ConversationsNot Enrolled-- Hours
5. Ending a ConversationNot Enrolled-- Hours
6. Putting a Face on Your SignsNot Enrolled-- Hours
7. Meeting SomeoneNot Enrolled-- Hours
8. Making PlansNot Enrolled-- Hours
9. Changing PlansNot Enrolled-- Hours
10. Going PlacesNot Enrolled-- Hours
Final ExamIncomplete

Basic ASL

Our 10-lesson basic ASL course focuses on family and continuing to expand your ASL vocabulary. The sign language lessons also highlight how to communicate with the deaf community utilizing ASL as a second language. The course is more intensive in learning ASL and can take up to 6 months to complete.

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1. Talking About Your FamilyNot Enrolled-- Hours
2. More About The FamilyNot Enrolled-- Hours
3. What The Family DoesNot Enrolled-- Hours
4. RelationsNot Enrolled-- Hours
5. A Deaf Family MemberNot Enrolled-- Hours
6. Communicating in Signs and Other WaysNot Enrolled-- Hours
7. How to Communicate with a Deaf PersonNot Enrolled-- Hours
8. More signs from the Deaf communityNot Enrolled-- Hours
9. Talking About TransportationNot Enrolled-- Hours
10. Until Next TimeNot Enrolled-- Hours
Final ExamIncomplete

Intermediate ASL

The intermediate online sign language classes high point is food! During these lessons, we’ll teach you how to order meals such as entrees and desserts at a restaurant. The course also discusses buying items at malls and stores. The intermediate ASL courses really helps you practice and apply what you have learned to real world scenarios.

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1. The Beauty of Signing ASLNot Enrolled-- Hours
2. Another reason to signNot Enrolled-- Hours
3. OccupationsNot Enrolled-- Hours
4. Ordering in a RestaurantNot Enrolled-- Hours
5. Eating in a RestaurantNot Enrolled-- Hours
6. Ordering DessertsNot Enrolled-- Hours
7. Going ShoppingNot Enrolled-- Hours
8. At the MallNot Enrolled-- Hours
9. Buying ThingsNot Enrolled-- Hours
10. The Value of ThingsNot Enrolled-- Hours
Final ExamIncomplete

Advanced ASL

Our final online ASL course is for advanced signers. The advanced sign language lessons go over talking about school, someone and the weather. The course also highlights sports and games. This course will help you become a well-rounded individual when it comes to the knowledge of ASL.

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1. Around the HouseNot Enrolled-- Hours
2. Fixing ThingsNot Enrolled-- Hours
3. VerbsNot Enrolled-- Hours
4. Talking about SchoolNot Enrolled-- Hours
5. Talking about SomeoneNot Enrolled-- Hours
6. Talking about the WeatherNot Enrolled-- Hours
7. ClassifiersNot Enrolled-- Hours
8. Sports & GamesNot Enrolled-- Hours
9. A few more words about signingNot Enrolled-- Hours
10. There's More ASL AheadNot Enrolled-- Hours
Final ExamIncomplete